What kind of culture do you want to create in the workplace as a leader?

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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Write a journal reflecting your personal philosophy of leadership and the results of your leadership self-assessment quiz. Please feel free to be creative!
The journal should exhibit some critical thinking on your part after you reflect thoroughly on your personal values, assumptions and beliefs.
Journal entries should demonstrate true contemplation around the topic and must be completed in a minimum of 400 words total.
Please feel free to be creative and utilize the world of resources available to you through the internet! Just be sure to note that in your journal.

Prepare to write your credo
Watch “What is your leadership credo?”Links to an external site. by Katie Anderson (6 minutes)https://youtu.be/7FnWLMXu8Yk
Watch “The Power of the Leadership Credo”Links to an external site. by Bruce Craven (32 minutes)https://youtu.be/0-lYtHn3mFI%20
Take the quiz “What’s Your Leadership Style is Affiliative to an external site. and use this in your report as an item for discussion Affiliative
If you tend toward an affiliative leadership style, this means that you often put people first in order to nurture a positive and safe environment for your team.
This leadership style is very effective in cultivating a sense of loyalty, high morale, and trust in the workplace. However, it’s important that you don’t implement this style exclusively, as without the ability to tap into a more authoritative style, you may risk creating a culture where poor performance and stagnation are tolerated.

Your leadership philosophy or credo defines who you want to be and how you plan to show up each and every day to be that person. It makes explicit the actions that you intend to take to be the leader you aspire to be each and every day. Some questions you can answer to help write your journal if you are looking for more guidance:

Who do you want to be as a leader? (knowing that intention is not the same thing as goals)
What are the principles that you value the most?
What kind of culture do you want to create in the workplace as a leader?
How do you endeavor to show up to show up to be that leader?
How will you clearly communicate those values and actions to the people around you in the workplace?

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