What needs to be covered:

Posted: November 11th, 2022

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In this course students will write an essay exploring an issue related to a topic that is discussed in Part 3 (Sentencing). For your paper, you will need to find a case decision which explores your identified topic in more detail. Students are asked to write an essay outline, including an annotated bibliography of one case decision and four academic sources relevant to your topic. Your outline should include:
The background of your topic as it relates to sentencing and punishment
A brief explanation of the theoretical framework you will use
The legal case that will serve as the focus of your essay
A clearly stated research problem/thesis, and
What Needs to be Covered:
Background: 2-3 sentences – as it relates to sentencing and punishment
Theoretical Framework: 2-3 sentences
Legal Case: 1-3 sentences
Thesis: 1-2 sentences
2-3 Related Issues: 2-3 sentences per issue
Annotations: Each annotation (case decision and 4 academic sources) should be approx.. 1-2 paragraphs (a paragraph should be 5-7 sentences)
Page Limit: approx. 3-5 pages total
4 sources are given, just need to. find a case to also use and talk about the topic of prison conditions and overcrowding

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