What role does DISC say you best fit in within a team?

Posted: July 15th, 2022

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This week’s readings in Noe et al. covers developing employees – Chapter 8. The design of this assignment is to help students understand their behavior tendencies as it relates to themselves and others in the workplace and to analyze their results to determine how to have a better working relationship with coworkers, bosses as it comes to working on teams. For many organizations, the DISC assessment has superseded the Myers – Brigg’s assessment, as it provides a better overall picture of a person’s work style within groups (teams) and better defines their communication style. Essentially, it helps organizations hire the most effective candidates in that it can help find out how an individual would react to new challenges, how they are likely to behave or “fit-in” with a team, and how they react under pressure. DISC is non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioral differences when used in employee development courses. Read through this entire project.
Step 1: Download the Zoom 2 DISC Presentation and attend/listen to Zoom Session 2. Zoom Session 2 will be recorded if you are not able to attend the live event.
Step 2: Go to www.onlinepersonalitytests.org to complete the free DISC assessment (it should only take about 5 to 10 minutes). Please take the test even if you have taken it before – you will need the results pasted in with your work. Copy and Paste your results, not the URL link to your results, as an appendix to your essay. No results, no points for the assignment. Show your work.

Free DISC Personality Test [No Email Required]

Test notes: You will need to select two answers per grouping: one you most agree with and one you most disagree with – read the instructions carefully. You will not have to enter your name or email address.
Step 3, Narrative 2-3 pages (APA 7th Title Page, Introduction, + thesis sentence, AND:
Part One: (1 page) Use your DISC results, and examples from the PowerPoint to reflect upon your personality results. About two to three paragraphs of 4 to 8 sentences. List your Main letter identifier, such as I or D. Then: What did you learn about yourself? (required: What role does DISC say you best fit in within a team?) Do you agree with your results? Why? What was unique? Be sure to first define any DISC terms, cite the term as per APA 7th in the typed text, such as according to my DISC PowerPoint (n.d.), D’s are …… or D’s are …… (DISC PowerPoint, n.d.). The write some personal examples how you either match or don’t match the DiSC results. Finally, write a conclusion (do you agree or disagree) by comparing the DiSC results to your personal examples in your life to make conclusions.
Part Two: (1-2 pages) Using your DISC results, decide how you might have a better business/professional relationship with those at work. Look at some pitfalls or things to avoid. In the DISC PowerPoint, look at some of the ways to communicate or motivate those opposite of your results, as it relates to your style. What are some of the ways you could change in the workplace to increase your communication with others or improve performance? Again, write definitions/facts first, cite them, and then give some personal examples before making conclusions on what you need to do to have a better business relationship. What improvements or changes do you need to make?
Note: The professor is not grading you on the DISC results or which areas you chose to make improvement. Therefore, don’t worry about being right or wrong, just ensure you have listed facts from the resources, and supported your views with personal examples, and include future changes you want to consider making to have that better business relationship with others. This is your opinion, your time to evaluate yourself. A great paper will include discussions on how your style interacts with other styles.
Step 4: To avoid a 10 point loss, name your Microsoft Word document’s file extension. It must be in this format: Yourlastname_HRM409b_SelfAssessment. Do not email your work to the instructor, as it must be submitted in this Brightspace course. Submit the assignment as one Microsoft Word document (no other programs or documents accepted). Only submit your document one time unless you have made modifications! Maximum submissions are two.
Grading Rubric (20 points)
– No Late Work. See Course syllabus.
Written Work (13 points): 2 to 3 -page typed narrative APA 7th compliant paper (title page, double spaced, proper citing in-text, no abstract or reference page needed) that includes one to two main DISC results and whether you agree with them and why (part one) and two areas deeply analyzed where you will have a better business (professional) relationship at work. Facts +, citing sources, + your analysis from the facts. See Part One, step 3. Since this is a reflective self-evaluation essay, the use if I statements is appropriate.
Grammar (7 points): Introduction with thesis sentence, main points, and conclusion. No more than two grammar errors, including syntax and punctuation. Work has a clear message; the semantic message is not lost. Sequencing of ideas, transitions, and organization help with a clear message. (Minus 1 point per every two errors).
DISC Website Work (No Work, No Points): Must copy and paste test results at the end, as an Appendix, or no points. Do not copy the URL results, it won’t work.

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