What sorts of information is needed to recommend a km strategy to an organization?

Posted: November 1st, 2022

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Part 1. Describe the concept of Communities of Practice. Why are “Communities of practice” Important? ( 150 ~ 175 Words )
How can organizations cultivate communities of practice? How can these communities of practice contribute towards the knowledge needs of the organization? ( 150 ~ 175 Words )
Provide a detailed description of major roles and responsibilities in a community of practice. (225~250 Words )
Part 2. Read Chapter 9 and 10 from the book and answer the following questions. What are the major steps involved in developing a KM strategy? What sorts of information is needed to recommend a KM strategy to an organization? List the major categories of stakeholders who should be involved in the strategy formulation process. (225~250 Words ) Why is it important to conduct an audit before eliciting stakeholder objectives? ( 100 ~ Words )
Compare and contrast the three KM metrics of benchmarking, Balanced Scorecard, and house of quality. What are their major advantages and major drawbacks in monitoring progress toward strategic KM and business goals? (225~250 Words )
Referencing and in-text citation APA
At least 5 references, 3 of are it journals
Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced)
chapters in the attachments

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