What strategic and financial problems is the company facing?

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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Understand the business strategies in those three chapters (Chapters 5–7), and use the specific strategy theory to discuss the issue that Macy’s facing and its solutions. The main point is to only focus on the strategy and be really specific on the knowledge through the book but NOT storytelling. This paper needs a strategic and financial analysis from both perspectives. Strategic encompasses a certain set of things and then financial. Have to explain very well the strategy from the book and systematically covered it in the paper. For any given topic, we need to explain how it applies to Macy’s situation. The book and the Powerpoint laid out how to view something from a strategic and financial perspective, and we need to do that systematically throughout the report. Professor is looking for the theory based on the book to support.
We are researching the public trade company — Macy’s. Please answer all the following questions about it, please make sure you write in paragraph form, however, all the questions should be answered and again I will be looking for analyses and explanations that use strategic concepts, theories, and analytical tools from the textbook, and I do not need the storytelling. Real meat only!
1. What strategic and financial problems is the company facing? Explain why these are valid problems to solve. Explain why these problems are worth solving or are worth solving first. Please provide relevant evidence and strong logic.
— Competition
Top Rivals:
JC Penney
2. Please explain how the company can solve those problems. Please provide all the following:
Strong logic based on theory in the textbook. At the minimum, you should use the theory from chapter 7
–Macy’s offers international sales – shipping to 91 countries outside of the United States. Began in 2011.
–“Not all consumers, though, will see content in their local languages, as all site communication remains in English.”
–Shipping could lead to high tariffs
3. Please explain how the company can reach those goals. Please provide all the following:
▪ Strong logic based on theory in the textbook.
▪ Relevant evidence supporting your reasoning
▪ The list of necessary resources that the company should have to reach the goals
▪ Explanation of where the company will get the resources to reach the goals
▪ Explanation of why this isn’t already happening. Assume that the corporate executives are smart people.
Why have those smart people missed the problems and the solutions that you’re offering?
Main Links:
Macy’s 2021 10-K:
Macy’s Financial Information:
Macy’s Financial Ratios:
Kohl’s Financial Ratios:
Helpful articles
Issues discussed in the article:
Customers are shopping online more
Customers are shopping at discount stores-making prices too high at Macy’s so Macy’s reduces prices but is making a lower profit margin.
Macy’s is not doing anything to stand out from competitors
SWOT analysis of Macy’s from 2021:

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