What types of treatment modalities seem to best fit this group and why?

Posted: September 12th, 2022

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Part I:
Select a special population that you are interested in knowing more about pertaining to clinical practice with individuals with addictive behaviors and their families. Topics may include, for example, an ethnic group, adolescents, older adults, sexual minorities, persons with co-morbid disorders, men or women, methadone maintenance, or impaired professionals—among others. Summarize what you learned about working with these client populations with reference to addictions. Summarize, in your own words, what your learned from the readings about the particular population you chose. What are the salient points to keep in mind when working with these groups? What particular challenges do these groups face? Are their particular barriers to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment? What surprised you? What assumptions were challenged? What types of treatment modalities seem to best fit this group and why? What considerations must you keep in mind when selecting the treatment modality? What skills should a social worker possess (if any) in addition to the accepted ones, when working with this population?
Part II:
Select a type of treatment other than 12-step and summarize in your own words what you learned about this treatment approach. Briefly summarize the underlying theory behind this approach. What are the important goals for the therapist and the client within this particular technique? How does this differ from 12-step? How is it similar and/or complimentary to 12-step? For whom might this treatment be best?
Part III:
Select a policy issue related to addiction. Describe the particular social problem and describe current policies to address that problem. What might be the positive and negative consequences to the current policy? Who are the stakeholders? What might be an alternative solution and its subsequent positive and negative consequences? Be sure to utilize empirical evidence to support your arguments.
Please use the headings noted.

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