What was the main thrust of the author’s premise?

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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Leading Diversity: Towards a Theory of Functional Leadership in Diverse Teams (Homan, Gündemir, Buengeler, van Kleef, 2020)
(Note: This is an academic research article, not a business commoner distillation of research as is typically found in business journals (eg, Fast Company, Inc, HBR, Forbes, or strategy+business). The article integrates multiple research areas and presents a novel approach to leading diverse teams through leveraging various leader behaviors and orientations. It suggests mechanisms for leaders to maximize their leader behavior effectiveness in diverse teams to affect team outcomes. It is a “next level” reading – and it will take a while to read and digest (several hours I guess, not 15 minutes). (Be aware that 13/27 pages in the article are Table 1 and extensive references. Table 1 is extensive, similar to an annotated bibliography. You should skip those 13 pages unless you have a burning desire to read a 6-page table and 7-page reference list. So, the meat of the article is 14 pages.) Those of you searching to elevate your leadership talent, contemplate a capstone or other major academic project, keenly interested in a career in DEI leadership/executive coaching, or anyone considering a doctoral program after MBA, should try your hand at this (option 2) article. I enjoyed it and learned more than I knew before reading.
Develop a meaningful, engaging post:
Tell us what you learned, from an academic and business perspective, without copying and pasting a bunch of sentences. In other words, don’t substitute the author’s words for your own (ever). We want to know what you learned that was valuable, new, insightful, interesting, helpful, etc from the Homan, et al article. What was the main thrust of the author’s premise? How did it fit with your prior knowledge? Explain what you learned.
Part 2:
Critical Ratio Formula
Logically, when using earned value data in the critical ratio formula, should the “budgeted” cost be the planned value or the earned value? What problems occur with each choice?

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