What was your similarity score (displayed as a percentage)?

Posted: November 1st, 2022

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The proposal draft does not need to be perfect, but it must be a complete draft, largely adhering to the requirements of the assignment. Even if you are still working on how to best express yourself in some sections, be sure to explain your topic and provide 3 sources in an annotated bibliography. In your initial reply to the discussion, paste the internship description into the body of the message and attach your proposal draft as a PDF to minimize any formatting distortion. Documents created using Google DocsLinks to an external site. or Office 365Links to an external site. can be easily saved as a PDFLinks to an external site..
In the body of your Canvas reply (the post where your proposal draft is attached as a PDF), describe the information you received from the Turnitin Similarity ReportLinks to an external site. as well as specific aspects of the proposal draft that you would like feedback about in peer reviews. This is an opportunity to solicit feedback from your classmates that is most important to you. The following is a list of open-ended questions to help you generate ideas of what to write about for this portion of the workshop, or to pose to your workshop group. You are NOT required to answer all the questions. What was your Similarity Score (displayed as a percentage)?
How effectively are sources incorporated?
Will readers understand your overview of WHY and HOW the intended audience for the presentation would take action?
In what ways is the intended audience clearly defined?
What could be further explained about your life experiences that qualify you to teach others about this topic?
To what extent do the sources in the annotated bibliography seem authoritative and relevant?
Can your peers think of other places to look for sources of support?
In what ways could the closing section more effectively persuade your future English 205 group members to choose your topic for the presentation?
How could the design of the document better guide the reader through the information presented in the proposal?

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