What were the hidden or unspoken messages regarding sex in your family?

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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Students will complete a sexual genogram. This paper is intended to help students become cognizant of how they learned about sexuality, sex, and gender. The purpose of the paper is to also help students explore their own values and biases concerning sexuality, sex and gender. Students will utilize Ch. 4 of A Clinician’s Guide to Systemic Sex Therapy to guide the process of completing the genogram assessment. More specifically, the content of the paper should consist of student responses to the general questions, gender and related questions, and timeline questions listed on pages 72-75 of the textbook. At least 3-5 questions from each aforementioned category should be answered and formulated into a cohesive sexual genogram self-reflection paper. The paper should be between 4-6 pages long. The paper should be written in 7th edition APA student paper style format double space. No abstract is needed. The information you present in this paper is sacred and will be treated with confidentiality. (CLO 2)
1. How did you learn about sex? My answer I didn’t have anyone to teach me.
2. What were the hidden or unspoken messages regarding sex in your family? My answer is we never spoke of it period.
3. What was your sexual experience like? My answer I dint know what i was doing and i didn’t like the feeling of it.
4. how do you define yourself as a sexual person? My answer is i don’t really care for it if it happens it happens but can leave without it.
5. Is sexually related information still missing that I should know about your family, partner or yourself? My answer is yes I don’t know anything about them family-wise. Partner, i don’t have one, and myself i don’t really care for sex.
6. Has your enjoyment of sex changed over time? My answer yes i don’t really want it due to me having so many kids and to much work on top of that self-esteem issues, i feel that I’m to fat from when i was younger at least when i had my first child.
7. When did you notice/feel sexual attraction towards others?
My answer is when i was in high school when i started to play sports and noticed boys looking at me and wanting to talk with me.
i have provided some questions and answers for you, if you can be so kind as to elaborate on them so it can fit into 4 pages i really appreciate it. i have no knowledge about any sexual stuff i grew up catholic and was not allowed to have boyfriends or do anything of this stuff it was a sin to do so. Not only that but we believe that everything that dealt with sexual stuff was behind closed doors.

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