What would you teach the student to encourage mastery? Why?

Posted: January 10th, 2023

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1) Divide each of the following sentences up into its three main constituents: subject + verb + complement.
All of the musicians in the ensemble watched the conductor carefully.
Meg bought her children colorful rain boots in a new store at the mall yesterday.
Two of the students in my yoga class bring chai tea for everyone in the class at least once a week.
Kip speaks Thai fluently during meetings with our clients in Bangkok.
2)List the steps in the transformation from the first sentence to the second sentence in EACH of the pairs below. The meta-language you use must be correct.
Pair 1—Transformation to Negative
The boys ate all of the pizza.
The boys didn’t eat all of the pizza.
Pair 2—Transformation to a Yes/No Question
Mirela usually wears a long green scarf.
Does Mirela usually wear a long green scarf?
Pair 3—Transformation to an Information Question
Jo likes playing basketball with her brother’s friends.
With whom does Jo like playing basketball?
Pair 4—Transformation to Passive
Nella was holding the tickets tightly.
The tickets were being held tightly by Nella.
Pair 5—Transformation to a Yes/No Question
Cranmer and Mr. Cromwell were at the meeting.
Were Mr. Cranmer and Mr. Cromwell at the meeting?
3) Why do the authors of your text suggest that students should not always be required to respond in full sentences, especially in oral production?
4)Read the piece of writing below. Then identify five of the errors or error patterns it contains.
Classify them as local or global and justify each classification.
Select ONE global error and explain how you would approach it. Write a brief paragraph that answers all of these questions.
Should the error be pointed out to the student while she is writing or later? Why?
What would you teach the student to encourage mastery? Why?
How would you provide additional practice?

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