What’s the correlation between each ‘IMP'(impression) and ‘SP’.

Posted: July 16th, 2022

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An excel workbook of statistical analysis has already been created from a dataset. Answering the following questions based on the analysis conducted. Write down your observation and interpretation 
The dataset records the sales revenue and its marketing spending on each marketing channel from January 2013 to December 2014. The dataset has 105 rows and 16 columns.
Explanation of some columns:
Holiday: 1 means holiday, 0 means non-holiday.
PROMOTION: the scale of promotion
SP: ad spending or cost that used in each marketing channel, e.g. TV, email, paid search, online display, product search.
IMP: the total number of exposures that the ad is viewed by a visitor, or displayed on a web page in each marketing channel.
1. What’s the correlation between each ‘IMP'(impression) and ‘SP’.
2. How’s the trend of sales over the months?
3. According to visualization between each ‘IMP’ and ‘SP’. How’s the trend of each ‘IMP’ and ‘SP’?
4. Check the segmentation of ‘AVERAGE_PRICE’ and ‘MEDIA_SPEND_of_competitor’ for ‘Holiday’. Does ‘MEDIA_SPEND_of_competitor’ have an impact on ‘AVERAGE_PRICE’?
5. Check the segmentation of ‘Sales’ on each ‘PROMOTION’. Does ‘PROMOTION’ boost ‘Sales’?
6. Check the coefficient for ‘IMP’ and ‘SP’ linear regression model. Summarize the output of the linear regression model, e.g. p-value, r square. What are the indications from these values?
7. What is the marketing mix modeling method? ROI (Return of Investment) of each marketing channel is calculated from this method. How do you interpret contributions to the sales for each marketing channel based on each ROI?
Must include an introduction and conclusion about relationships between business knowledge, statistical modeling method, and how important data visualization skills are used, such as analyzing the sales data from an online store. 
3 pages
At least 3 references. The cover page and reference page/s are not included in the above-stated page requirement.  

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