When taking care of patients, why do you think it is important to utilize the appropriate resources?

Posted: January 27th, 2023

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When taking care of patients, why do you think it is important to utilize the appropriate resources?
How do you think evidence from nursing journals affects patient care?
What role does using the right evidence play in being a professional nursing student?
What role does understanding plagiarism and academic integrity play in being a professional nursing student?
APA format, with reference and citation within 
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Taking care of patients is a lot of knowledge and skills. Nursing is one of the professions that demonstrates utmost care and humility while taking care of patients. When caring for a patient is very necessary for a nurse to utilize appropriate resources in the best way possible, because it is a life-or-death situation. Application of appropriate resources, skills, and knowledge, nursing professionals made it possible to improve the quality of patient care, decreasing medical errors and decreasing mortality rate.
Most nurses use knowledge from journals to update their knowledge about patient care and nursing intervention. The knowledge and information learned from these journals are applied to evidence-based practice to improve the quality of life of the patients. The desired outcomes can only be achieved by implementing up-to-date knowledge.
In the field of nursing, the concept of evidence-based practice is very essential. The evidence-based practice aims to impart the best effective care to the patients. In this way, patient health outcomes are improved. Evidence-based practices also advocate the use of relevant pieces of evidence while making decisions about patient interventions and decreasing variations in the healthcare system. Evidence-based practice is now widely recognized as the key to improving healthcare quality and patient outcomes (Chien, 2019).
The nursing profession is a noble profession that serves humanity, based on respect, responsibility, knowledge, trust, and honesty. The issue of plagiarism plays well into the ethics of a professional nurse. Helping the student to understand the academic penalties of plagiarism is only one aspect. Nursing students must also understand the ethical and moral relationship between professionalism and plagiarism. However, plagiarism and academic misconduct will imply that the professional works with zero to no knowledge on a matter and puts in less commitment to better the health of the patients under them.
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