Which leadership level strongly agrees with the fact that they love what they do?

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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Descriiptive statistics describes a data set. It is used to summarize and organize the data into something more manageable, actionable, and ready for presentation. It can also help organize data and present a business problem in an understandable manner. You can use descriiptive statistics to understand and analyze the data for your organization.
The employees in your company report struggling with burnout (being overworked). You have been asked to analyze the situation and recommend solutions to reduce employee burnout. You have access to an employee survey with employee responses related to the situation.
This week you will analyze the employee survey data and create bar graphs to represent the data visually. Based on your analysis, you will then create an executive summary targeted to a non-technical audience unfamiliar with statistics. See the document Module Four Survey Response Key for the responses that were available on the survey.
Part 1: Burnout Analysis: Bar Graphs
To complete this assignment, you will use Tableau software that is located within the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).
Follow the directions in the User Manual: Working With Tableau document to import these employee survey responses into Tableau and conduct a burnout analysis. Use Tableau to create bar graphs that will answer the following questions. Take screenshots of your bar graphs to include in your executive summary document.
Which gender is experiencing the burnout level “Pretty wiped out almost every day” most?
Which male age group is experiencing the stress level, “A little stress that would be expected with the ups and downs of life” at home the most?
Which leadership level strongly agrees with the fact that they love what they do?
Which gender with a tenure of 5+ years had the lowest number of responses for the burnout level “I feel great! Energy to spare!”?
Part 2: Executive Summary
Create an Executive Summary of your results addressing the following criteria:
Purpose and respondents: Explain the purpose of the executive summary and briefly describe the survey respondents.
Results: Summarize your bar graph analyses and answer the questions they represent. Add corresponding bar graphs to relevant sections of the summary to illustrate your analyses.
Recommendations: Based on your analysis, recommend two areas the company can focus on to reduce employee burnout.

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