Which of the following is an example of prejudice:

Posted: November 8th, 2022

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According to the chapter reading, Social Justice refers to a distorted level of fairness in human relationships.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Social Workers are mandated by the NASW Code of Ethics to embody Social Justice.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
Which of the following is an example of Prejudice:
Group of answer choicesDenying a person a job, a loan or shelter based on their age, race, gender.Treating everyone equally.
Disliking a particular group because you had a few bad experiences.
Loving someone without knowing them.
If a police officer stops and question’s someone for no other reason other than the color of their skin, this is an example of:
Group of answer choicesDiscriminationAffirmative Action
Good Policing
Cultural Competence
Which of the answers refers to discrimination or mistreatment built into the norms and institutions of society, and enforced by those in power?
Group of answer choicesDiscriminationStrawberry Ice Cream
Institutional Discrimination
Oppression does NOT involve the systematic and pervasive mistreatment of people based on their membership in certain groups.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse
According to the chapter reading, what are some reasons that explain why people engage in oppression and discrimination?
Group of answer choicesScapegoatingProjection
Fear of differences and the unknown
All of the above
Which Amendment provided civil rights to all Americans after the civil war. However, these rights were not available until the 1960’s, when the Federal Government intervened to assure their enactment.
Group of answer choicesNineteenth AmendmentFifteenth Amendment
Fourteenth Amendment
The Civil Rights Act
What are some strategies social workers can use to create social justice?
Group of answer choicesStay quietBe a NASW member
Support Self Determination, Empower Clients to advocate for themselves, Support equity based legislation and leadership.
Follow your supervisors rules and request no matter what!
A caucasian or light-skinned individual can benefit from White Privilege without even realizing it.
Group of answer choicesTrueFalse

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