Why are we doing this?

Posted: November 12th, 2022

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Assignment #4 – DSM Matrix
“Design Structure Matrix (DSM, also known as Dependency and Structure Modelling ) techniques
support the management of complexity by focusing attention on the elements of a complex system and
how they relate to each other. DSM‐based techniques have proven to be very valuable in
understanding, designing, and optimizing complex system architectures such as those of products,
organizations, and processes.” (dsmweb.org)
What will we do?
Create and analyze a DSM model of a product around your house. Try to choose something relatively
simple (e.g. a computer monitor, a fan, a lamp, computer speakers, etc.). Start by creating a liaison
diagram – a simple diagram outlining the physical connections. Using your knowledge of the system,
identify other interface types that might exist – Mass Flow, Energy Flow, Information Flow. Create a
DSM matrix as outlined in the lecture.
Why are we doing this?
DSM can assist in the management of interfaces, which can be challenging in very large, complex
systems. Understanding the DSM model will allow you to understand how to maintain documentation
and analyze complex systems that you might run across.
Learning Objectives This assignment makes use of multiple course objectives • Describe Systems Engineering Standards and Best Practices • Structure key steps in the SE processes from stakeholder analysis to transition of systems to

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