Why do college students engage in social drinking?

Posted: June 7th, 2022

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Question 14.5 ptsRead the following description of a community and determine whether or not it meets the criteria to be categorized as a society.This community exists on an island in the Pacific Ocean. There are about 20,000 people on this island who are divided into 3 different castes. Marriage between the castes is forbidden, and each caste has specific occupations associated with it. The members of the community trade together and gather for cultural ceremonies and practices. Group of answer choicesYes this is a societyNo this is not a societyFlag question: Question 2Question 24.5 ptsWhich of the following is NOT a sociological question?Group of answer choicesAre women and men treated differently in the workplace?Why do college students engage in social drinking?How do religious beliefs shape human behavior?Is homosexuality morally right?Flag question: Question 3Question 34.5 ptsWhich of the following is an example of a micro-sociological question?Group of answer choicesWhy do countries go to war?What are the genetics of race?How does the political system of the US work?How do college students interact with each other during group work?Flag question: Question 4Question 44.5 ptsWhich of the following is NOT a part of culture?Group of answer choicesBeliefs & ValuesDNA & genetic kinshipPractices & BehaviorsPhysical itemsFlag question: Question 5Question 54.5 ptsWhere does culture come from?Group of answer choicesWe learn itWe are born knowing itIt is a product of economic system (e.g, capitalism, socialism, etc)All of the aboveFlag question: Question 6Question 64.5 ptsClothing, utensils, and building styles are examples of which of the following?Group of answer choicesMaterial cultureCultural capitalConflict theoryFunctionalismFlag question: Question 7Question 74.5 ptsWhile traveling in rural Nepal, a tourist from the US finds out that some people in the region practice fraternal polyandry (a form of marriage where one woman marries a set of brothers). The tourist reacts with disgust and declares that this is an uncivilized, irrational, and completely immoral practice that makes absolutely no sense. What is this tourist engaging in?Group of answer choicesCultural relativismEthnocentrismPersonal preferenceStating the truthFlag question: Question 8Question 84.5 ptsYou are working in a medical clinic and a patient comes in seeking help with an addiction to opioids. The sociological imagination reminds you that you should look beyond the personal characteristics (or “biography”) of this patient in order to fully understand the situation. What else should you consider (there are 2 correct answers; you must select both to get points for this question)Group of answer choicesSociety (for example, social stigma around addiction)History (for example, the context of the opioid epidemic)Biology (for example, a genetic predisposition to addiction)Symbolism (for example, red ribbon used in school programs about the dangers of drugs)Flag question: Question 9Question 94.5 ptsIn looking at how Americans spend their time, I observe that in heterosexual married couples where both husband and wife work full time, wives spend more time doing household chores and childcare after work while husbands have more free time for activities like watching TV.I explain this as being the result of a gendered division of labor that favors (is better for) men. What sociological perspective (theory) am I using to understand the data?Group of answer choicesFunctionalismConflictSymbolic InteractionismSocial ConstructionFlag question: Question 10Question 104.5 ptsThere is an extreme degree of political and cultural polarization in US society currently. In this context, it can be difficult to determine if there is a shared understanding or idea about what it means to be American and there is a large amount of variation in what people think is the “right way” to behave.Which of the following sociological concept best describes this situation?Group of answer choicesMarxismAlienationIndustrializationAnomieFlag question: Question 11Question 114.5 ptsThe Census Bureau collects data about the population of the United States by using surveys and interviews. Census data is ____.Group of answer choicesTheoreticalAnecdotalParadigmEmpiricalFlag question: Question 12Question 124.5 ptsI hypothesize that high school students who watch a lot of TV will have more stereotypes about women then students who watch less TV. What is the independent variable?Flag question: Question 13Question 134.5 ptsRead the following abstract and select the best description for the method used in this study.Deportations from the United States reached record highs in the aftermath of the Great Recession (2007-2009). At the peak, over 400,000 people were deported from the United States. The majority of these deportees have U.S. citizen family members, nearly all of whom continue to live in the United States. […] This article draws from interviews with 27 people from California who experienced the deportation of a family member to provide insight into the effects of deportation on these families. […] The findings reveal that family members face short, medium, and long-term consequences in the aftermath of a deportation and that many adolescents are forced to make an abrupt transition to adulthood when one or both of their parents is deported.Source: Golash-Boza, T. (2019). Punishment beyond the deportee: The collateral consequences of deportation. American Behavioral Scientist, 63(9), 1331-1349.Group of answer choicesSurveyInterviewsExperimentFocus groupsFlag question: Question 14Question 144.5 ptsOn what page does the above article start?Group of answer choices96313312009There is not enough information to answer this questionFlag question: Question 15Question 154.5 ptsI need to cite a book in APA style. I have the following information:Title of book
Name of author
Year book was published
Name of publisher
In my reference, which part should be italicized?Group of answer choicesAuthor’s nameTitle of bookName of publisherYear of publicationNothing should be italicized.Flag question: Question 16Question 164.5 ptsAccording to the RU website, there are 1,204 total students enrolled. 982 are undergraduate students. 222 are graduate students. What percent of RU students are undergraduate students?You may use a calculator.Group of answer choices18.4%22.6%81.6%83.0%Flag question: Question 17Question 174.5 ptsThere are 112 international students at RU according to the website. If all the international students are undergraduate students, what percentage of undergraduate students are international students?Group of answer choices9.3%11.4%12.3%15.0%Flag question: Question 18Question 184.5 ptsMatch the term with the appropriate definitionGroup of answer choicesSociological methods [ Choose ] The patterns themselves How we create patterns How we measure patterns How we explain patterns Sociological theories [ Choose ] The patterns themselves How we create patterns How we measure patterns How we explain patterns Flag question: Question 19Question 194.5 ptsSchool teaches us many things. Identify which are manifest and which are latent functions of schooling.Learning to read and write [ Select ] [“Manifest function”, “Latent function”] Learning to sit quietly [ Select ] [“Manifest fuction”, “Latent function”] Learning to obey authority [ Select ] [“Manifest function”, “Latent function”] Learning how to do math [ Select ] [“Manifest function”, “Latent function”] Flag question: Question 20Question 204.5 ptsWalking up or down the stairs in the middle instead of on the right side is an example of breaking a ___.Group of answer choicesSanctionFolkwayMoreLawFlag question: Question 21Question 214.5 ptsIdentities are unstable; they depend on context and audience.Group of answer choicesTrueFalseFlag question: Question 22Question 224.5 ptsI see myself as being a good person who cares about others; because of this, even when I am angry, I try to smile and be polite. What am I doing?Group of answer choicesBehaviorismSocializationSelf-regulatingEngaging in representationFlag question: Question 23Question 234.5 ptsStudents, faculty, and visitors standing in line to attend a football game on campus are an example a ____.Group of answer choicesGroupCrowdCategoryAll of the aboveFlag question: Question 24Question 244.5 ptsWhich of the following is an example of an instrumental function?Group of answer choicesWorking with a group of students to divide work for a class presentationComforting a friend who is going through a difficult break-upReading a book for funNone of the aboveFlag question: Question 25Question 254.5 ptsParents scold a little boy for crying and tell him he needs to calm down and “act like a man”. The little boy learns from this experience that crying is not acceptable for him because of his gender. What type of socialization has occurred?Group of answer choicesIndividualizationDisciplineSocial learningDevelopmental milestonesFlag question: Question 26Question 264.5 ptsWhen a person decided to wear or not wear a mask based on what people in their social circles are doing, they are making a decision based on ____Group of answer choicestheir reference grouptheir best judgementthe scientific evidencetheir legal rightsFlag question: Question 27Question 274.5 ptsIn the TV show Breaking Bad, Walter White decides to begin making and selling drugs to provide financially for his family because he is dying of lung cancer. Which theory of deviance best describes Walter’s actions (based on this description, not the whole show)?Group of answer choicesStrain TheoryLabeling TheorySocial Disorganization TheoryDifferential Association TheoryFlag question: Question 28Question 284.5 ptsOnce someone has gone to prison for a serious crime, they may find it difficult to ever remove the label of criminal. For example, they may be asked about their criminal history when looking for a job or an apartment. This is an example of _____.Group of answer choicesPrimary devianceSecondary devianceTertiary devianceQuadrivalent devianceFlag question: Question 29Question 294.5 ptsMatch each example with the best descriptionGroup of answer choicesA promotion at work [ Choose ] Formal positive sanction Formal negative sanction Informal negative sanction Informal positive sanction A ticket and a fine for speeding [ Choose ] Formal positive sanction Formal negative sanction Informal negative sanction Informal positive sanction Someone giving you the finger (an insulting hand gesture) [ Choose ] Formal positive sanction Formal negative sanction Informal negative sanction Informal positive sanction A smile and congratulations [ Choose ] Formal positive sanction Formal negative sanction Informal negative sanction Informal positive sanction Flag question: Question 30Question 304.5 ptsOver the last year, many workers who were able to transition to working from home found that they appreciated the increased control over their work conditions (for example having more choice in what they wore, when they took breaks, who they were around, etc). The increased satisfaction experienced by workers under these conditions illustrates that their previous condition of work created ____.Group of answer choicesAnomieAlienationAntipositivismEquilibriumFlag question: Question 31Question 3115 ptsExplain the concept of social construction (the usual rules about plagiarism apply here. If you quote from a source, it must be cited).In your answer do the following:Define social construction.
Describe at least one way to recognize that something might be socially constructed.
Explain whether something that is socially constructed is real or not.
Requirements: Good answers

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