Why or why not?

Posted: November 6th, 2022

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step 1
Do women demonstrate different interpersonal communication skills compared to men? In your paper, be sure to include an analysis, application and understanding of at least one (1) concept from at least two (2) chapters listed above.
Major Requirements
• This should be a full-page analysis and application of the concepts that you have learned thus far.
• Apply the concepts to yourself and your own interactions.
• Do not fill your paper with definitions or long quotes from the chapter, I have read the chapter.
• 12 pt. Times New Roman font.
• Include your name in the upper right hand corner only (no date, section #).
• Begin typing on Line 3
• This paper should be single-spaced and not to exceed one page. Any content that exceeds 1 page will not be considered.
• Save the document with the first letter of your first name, full last name, underscore, SP2. For example: cjackson_SP2, then submit as a PDF document.
step 2
1 What are some strategies one can employ to change debilitative self-talk?
2 Explain how self-talk has helped you maximize, or could help you to maximize, facilitative emotions.
3 Watch the following Ted Talk #Trending: Social Media is a Killer of Emotions. Now answer the following questions:
◦ Do you agree with Kelley’s assertions about social media and emotions? Why or why not?
◦ What is the relationship between emotional contagion and social media?
◦ Do Kelley’s statements also apply to text messages that trigger emotions or “knee-jerk” reactions?

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