Write a 2–4 page proposal for your  company’s IT executive that defines user applicability and needs.

Posted: January 20th, 2023

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Week 2 Assignment – Proposal
Your team has been tasked with  delivering a Section 508-validated application for U.S. Department of  Homeland Security field officers to check potential immigrants for  connections to criminal or terrorist behavior. This application must  meet these requirements: 
Conform with Section-508 accessibility guidelines.
Allow wireless real-time bidirectional data transfer and database queries with secure servers. 
Have a secure login and, after two minutes of non-use, have autolocking that reactivates a secure login.
Allow for officers working on any day and at any time in offices,  from vehicles, and on foot along the U.S. border and in cities across  the country. 
The first step in delivering the app  specified in the scenario is to define what users of the app need and  expect in order to create a positive user experience. You will do this  by writing a proposal for your company’s IT executive. 
Write a 2–4 page proposal for your  company’s IT executive that defines user applicability and needs. In  your proposal, include the following: 
Craft an executive summary that states the purpose of the  proposal, as well as a conclusion paragraph that ties everything  together.
Define the operating environments to include users and supported platforms. Explain your rationale.     

For users, include who the users will be and the environments they will be working in.
For supported platforms, include the types of devices and interfaces required by the specifications for the app.

Define who you will sample to determine any specific user needs  and the method you will use to collect data from these users. Explain  why you chose this sample and method.
Outline the necessary criteria you will use for collecting and  analyzing user data. For example, if you are using a survey or  interview, what questions would you ask? Be sure to address user  experience and needs, including specific design attributes that would  reduce user frustration with your application.
Identify at least two applicable statistical tests you could use  to evaluate the data you collected from users. Justify your choice of  these tests, and explain how you will interpret them.
Incorporate a minimum of three credible and relevant resources to  support your proposal. You may wish to begin your search by checking out  the CIS – Computer Information Systems page in the Strayer Library for a list of guides and databases. 
Your writing should be professional and free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.
This course requires the use of Strayer  Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the  Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is: 
Determine methods of collecting and analyzing data in interaction design activities.

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