Write a brief memo addressed to me that will help me read, understand, your resumes and cover letters

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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Write a brief memo addressed to me that will help me read, understand, your resumes and cover letters. For each of the two jobs, the memo must contain a separate job descriiption and audience analysis, as well as a commentary highlighting how you adapted your resumes and cover letters to the different jobs. Since the memo will be of use to you in designing the rest of your job application package, you probably should think about it early—even begin drafting it early. It’s not due until the end, and you may not finish drafting it until after you’ve written the other parts of the assignment. Either way, you should look over it carefully at the end of the project to make sure that it tells me “how to read” your resumes and cover letters.
Job Descriiption. You will highlight the most important features of the job ad, including its tone, as you describe how it represents the position, the technical skills and personal qualities it requires, and the work environment. Remember, the jobs should be different enough that you will have to emphasize different parts of your experience to qualify for the positions. Note: you must submit copies of the job ads you use.
Audience Analysis. Investigate the particular companies you are applying to. You may obtain information on companies from the library, on the Internet, from Career Services, or other places. Then write a paragraph that specifies any special qualities or experience that this company may be looking for in its employees. For example, suppose you are applying for a job as a chemical engineer. A small company may be looking for an engineer who can work on a variety of projects, while another larger company may be looking specifically for someone who has experience with polymers. This is also the place to describe anything you know about the particular person you are writing to. Note: I expect you to make extensive use of this information in your cover letter. It might also influence the organization and choice of details in your resume.
Rhetorical Analysis. Describe how you adapted each resume and cover letter for its particular type of job, company, and reader and why you made those changes. Normally, your reasons will be closely related to the information in the job descriiption and audience analysis. This section is generally the longest section of the memo.

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