Write a Java program that will be used to calculate ROI on three different pieces of equipment

Posted: January 10th, 2023

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Please read instructions carefully! I have supplied the starter code for this assignment, it just needs to be completed as per the instructions below and also have a word doc separately. The instructions for that are also below.
For this assignment, you will take on the role of a member of an IT department. Your chief technology officer (CTO) has tasked your department with the replacement of IT equipment. Your manager does not want to buy a piece of equipment based on the brand name alone. Rather, your manager wants to know the return on investment for each piece in order to make a sound purchasing decision.
Your task is to write a Java program that will be used to calculate ROI on three different pieces of equipment and sort it from best to least ROI. The program must prompt the user to enter the brand name of the equipment, the gain, and the cost for each piece of equipment.
Coding Part:
In this coding assignment, you will express searching and sorting algorithms to return the ROI best to least for each piece of equipment. You must apply algorithmic design techniques in developing your program so that you can ensure the user will receive a correctly sorted list. Utilize a LinkedList class to create the list. Include comments for each section of the program. You may select variable names as long as proper Java syntax is used. You will also submit your source code in a zip file.
Utilize a Java LinkedList to input the brand name of the equipment along with the equipment’s corresponding gain and cost. The input should be completed by the user either via keyboard or via file. As a last resort, the data can be hard-coded into the program.
The input for this calculation is in the Gains and Costs for Equipment Download Gains and Costs for Equipmenttable.
Utilize the ROI calculation (below) with the data from the LinkedList. You may select any of the sorting algorithms from Section 1.1 of Data Structures Essentials to sort the ROI from best to least return.
The calculation for Return on Investment Calculation (ROI) is as follows:
ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment
Sort from the best to least ROI, and display to the screen the equipment name, gain, cost, and calculated ROI. The program must include the code to inform the user that the program has completed processing.
Your code must include the following as comments at the top of the code:
Name of program
Author/student’s name
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Date submitted
Take a screen shot of the results page and save the image. When you are finished with your Java program, zip the file(s).
Word Doc Part:
In a Word document, describe the object-oriented features of your Java program in a minimum of 200 words. Paste the image of your results. Upload your zip file.

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