Write a letter to the Governor of South Carolina

Posted: July 2nd, 2022

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Write a letter to the Governor of South Carolina, a letter that needs to meet all of the content and formatting expectations for a formal letter. You may choose to send your letter, but that is not required for this assignment. The letter may be used to explain how a particular issue, under the purview of the official, affects Charleston, South Carolina, to express support for infrastructure funds that are needed for roads and bridges). In substance, the letter should demonstrate to the Governor that his constituents have an investment in the issue, attempting to persuade the Governor to take on this issue aggressively.
The letter must make it clear why the issue is of concern for Charlestonians.

Getting Started
Think about issues in Charleston, South Carolina in particular the overcrowded roads and poor condition of existing roads and bridges. What is most pressing? What do you have a personal investment in? Now, consider—and do some research into this question—who within the State has the ability to make the changes that you would like to see (for this letter we will assume the Governor of South Carolina)? Be aware that not every issue will be one for the governor or state legislature to be contacted and that seemingly local issues aren’t always under the authority of county or city councils.
Once you have decided on the recipient, begin to further research the issue and the background, or position on the issue, of the recipient. When you are ready to craft the letter itself, consider beginning by explaining your purpose for writing this letter. Then summarize the issue—discuss the impact and why it is something that needs urgent consideration. Part of the letter may include explaining your position on an issue, but this should not be a forum for simply voicing your opinion on an issue. Make clear what action you would like the official to take.
In addition to meeting all of the above content requirements, you must meet formatting requirements for a formal letter. If you are not familiar with the formatting for a formal letter, please use the resource provided through OWL, the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University (see Blackboard) or consult a style guide (such as the MLA handbook). You are required to cite any outside sources using MLA formatting; this is a deviation from the conventions of writing a formal letter but necessary given that the assignment is an academic argument. You will also want to review the letter to be sure that it is clear, concise, and free of any typos or major grammatical or spelling errors. There is no length requirement for the letters, but most should not exceed two pages, single-spaced.

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