Write a paragraph in which you discuss the tools you’ve acquired to identify and correct errors in your writing.

Posted: December 3rd, 2022

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PART ONE—TRACKING YOUR ERROR (~ ½ page to 1 page)
One of the goals of this class in terms of language, grammar, and error is to give you the tools you need to locate and correct your errors successfully. Look back at your Midterm Reflection and the error pattern(s) you identified, as well as the Achieve Study Plan you have now completed and your Final Tests in Achieve. Update the Error Tracking Log you completed for your midterm reflection. Add to the patterns of error that you identified previously and/or that have been identified in your Achieve Study Plan.
Next, write a paragraph in which you discuss the tools you’ve acquired to identify and correct errors in your writing. If you had a specific pattern of error you will want to talk about how you have addressed it. Otherwise, you will want to write about the proofreading strategies you’ve practiced that you will carry forward into the rest of your academic career.

You’ve had many different opportunities to reflect on your writing this semester: peer review, revision plans, and your Midterm Reflection. This Final Reflection is a final opportunity to consider the work you have done this semester and what you can take from this class into your career. The first task of this assignment is to look over your work from the semester in order to abstract out at least one skill: forming an argument, reading texts closely, working with quotation, supporting an argument, giving feedback to your peers, meeting deadlines, managing your time, using Blackboard—whatever. Then you should support your argument about the usefulness of that skill by connecting the work you’ve done in this class with your future career, either in your other classes or in your chosen profession. For example, you might argue that as a business analyst you will need to make and support an argument about what direction a business should take.

Or, as an architecture major, you will need to balance an extraordinary workload which you practiced through managing drafting and revision. Or, in your final project for a sociology class this semester you used quotation in ways similar to what you learned in class. Or whatever. “I learned nothing of value in this class” is also a legitimate argument, as long as you support it in the context of your career. For example, you plan on being a visual artist and you found no skills in this class close to the skills needed for that field. You may want to do minor research on the key skills of your chosen profession; if you do, be sure to use correct citation and include a works cited page. Ultimately, this assignment is asking for the same skills as the papers for this class: take a position and support it with specific evidence.

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