Write about the mental health disparities in the U. S.

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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How will culturally competent telehealth services reduce mental health disparities….write about the mental health disparities in the U. S. …..Telehealth will improve access, to mental health care for minorities/ the challenges that might come telehealth/ how to overcome the challenges/
The proposal should have the following sections:
**I. Introduction/Problem Statement/Significance
**II. Summary of the literature/Evidence related to the clinical question
**III. Purpose/ PICO Clinical Questions/Objectives
**IV. Definition of Terms (Database and terms used for search)
**V. Conceptual Underpinning and Theoretical Framework of the Project (cultural competency framework 5 principles/Leininger’s Culture Care Theor)
VI. Methodology ( how will you assess provider’s competency)
Setting and Participants (e.g., nurses, patients/ yhr setting is an outpatient mental health office )
* Descriiption of approach and project procedures (e.g., how the project is to be implemented)
* Protection of Human Subjects (how will you recruit subjects, consenting procedures, participant benefits and risks, data safety)
* Data Collection: Describe all data to be collected including outcome measures (e.g. instruments to measure variables), and other data forms (e.g. demographic data forms, tools). Discuss instrument reliability, validity, and how it is scored.
* Data management and analysis plan (e.g. where data is kept, by whom, insuring confidentiality, data coding, data entry, and statistical data analysis according to the level of the variables of interest and the research question to be answered).
* Discussion of the results with implications to advanced nursing practice.

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