Write an informative essay sharing best practices for effective team-building at a fictional company.

Posted: January 24th, 2023

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The Module 1 Assessment requires you to consider how effective teams are built. Some considerations in this assessment include the traits of an effective team leader as well as the strategies one would use to recruit team members that would communicate and work effectively together.
Prior to working on the assessment, consider completing the following learning activity, as it will prepare you to address the assessment requirements.
Using material from Chapter 12 of your text and the article in the supplemental reading (Rao, 2016), you will write an informative essay sharing best practices for effective team-building at a fictional company.
Scenario (fictional): Collapsible Workspaces (CW) creates workspaces based on client needs worldwide. They are a hybrid company mixing online contracting and manufacturing plants located in three countries: The U.S., Spain, and Malaysia. They primarily create small office spaces for up to 10 persons that can then be collapsed and moved to another site in remote areas. The company, in turn, subcontracts a shipping line in each of these three countries that carry the collapsible offices to ports around the world and then trucks the offices to the client site. Companies subscribe on a contractual basis for this collapsible office service once they have initially paid for the construction of the offices. Each team is headed by a senior installer who supervises the two installers, the shipping company contact, and the truckers.
Lately, there have been problems between the installers, the subcontracted shippers, and truckers who must work as a team to get each job completed at the location on time. The shippers and the truckers all say that CW supervisors are not their supervisors. The teams seem stuck in the storming stage (see Exhibit 12.2). This problem has led to delays in installations and cost overruns.
Assessment Checklist:
Describe at least three specific ways this organization could build more effective teams with their subcontractors with supporting detail.
Identify and give an example of four traits demonstrated by effective team leaders per Exhibit 12.4 of the textbook.
Explain how the team can get out of the storming stage. (See Exhibit 12.2)
Based on the reading, describe how this team could become more cohesive with high-performance norms (See Exhibit 12.6).
Explain two ways this organization could ensure team leads are exhibiting the traits of an effective team leader with supporting details.
The paper is required to include an introduction, conclusion and be at least two double-spaced pages in length, using 11-point Georgia font. For assistance with current APA format and citation style, please see the Academic Success Center under Academic Tools.
Your submission must include a minimum of two references. The first being the course textbook, and the second is an article from the database ABI/INFORM Collection in the PG Library. Any additional articles must also derive from the database ABI/INFORM Collection. Cite using in-text citations where appropriate. Your sources and content should follow current APA format and citation style. Visit the Academic Success Center found in the Academic Tools area in your course for further assistance.
Disclaimer: The organization and characters depicted in this exercise are fictional. Any resemblance to real organizations or individuals is purely coincidental.

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