Writing a Case Study Analysis: Is Yahoo’s Business Model Working in 2011? FOLLOW

Posted: January 9th, 2023

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Writing a Case Study Analysis: Is Yahoo’s Business Model Working in 2011? FOLLOWING FORMAT => REPORT INCULED: Table of Contents Appendix 1: History, Development, and Growth Appendix 2: Internal Strengths and Weaknesses Appendix 3: Nature of the External Environment Appendix 4: SWOT Analysis Appendix 5: Corporate-Level Strategy Appendix 6: Business-Level Strategy Appendix 7: Company Structure and Control Systems Appendix 8: Recommendations Case Question 1 Case Question 2 Case Question 3 Case Question 4 (- CASE QUESTION 1. Using Porter’s five‐forces model, what does Yahoo!’s competitive structure and industry look like? What are the implications of this structure for the long‐run profitability of Yahoo! in the market? – CASE QUESTION 2. Has Yahoo! permanently lost the battle to Google? Can Yahoo! reinvent itself? What strategies would you recommend? – CASE QUESTION 3. What steps can Yahoo! make to realign its business model? – CASE QUESTION 4. What is Marissa Mayer’s business strategy? How does it tie into Porter’s Five‐forces in Question 1. Explain.) Conclusion Biography Report body should be 28 to 30 pages in length. Class time will be allocated to prepare case solutions, time outside of class will be necessitated to conduct necessary research, construct exhibits for oral presentations, and type/word process the written case analysis reports; refer textbook pages c1-c16. To make full utilization of class time allocated for case preparation, it is expected that each student will have read the case write-ups for the case in question before coming to class. Written case analysis reports which are not typed in the PRESENTATION FORMAT given below will have a full letter grade deducted from the team grade for the report in question. Use MLA format in addition to: 1) A title page will be included on each report. 2) Provide current company background (finance, market segment/share, SWOT analysis) and latest news events in the last 90 days. 3) State the question, state the team’s answer to the question, identify the key contributor to the question, and present your team’s evidence/rationale, including exhibits from the analytical procedures required to support your answer. Deviation from this format will result in a one letter grade reduction on the report.

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