You are required to develop a three-page written report

Posted: July 18th, 2022

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nstructions This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the ergonomic assessment process. Specifically, you will be conducting an ergonomic assessment of a videotaped task and identifying opportunities to improve the task using the concepts presented in your Unit III–VII Lessons. Click here to access the video. Please note that this video contains audio. You are required to develop a three-page written report, which must include each of the following elements: A task description must address the work environment, work layout, tools, and equipment. Include identification of musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk factors (you must include at least three risk factors) with a brief description of the risk factors, and use one of the evaluation tools (e.g., rapid upper limb assessment [RULA], rapid entire body assessment [REBA], checklist, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health [NIOSH] lift equation) presented in your Unit VII Lesson to evaluate the task. A copy of your completed assessment tool must be included with your report. Provide the potential for an MSD injury (quantification of risk). Note that, the exact weight of the logs and the total amount of time devoted to complete the task are unknown. If you have a need to use any information not provided, please make arbitrary choices, and provide the reason why this information might be important for the risk’s assessment. A brief discussion of potential MSD injuries that could result from exposure to the risk factors must be included. Recommendations for controlling the risk factors associated with the task using the hierarchy of controls. You must include at least one of each of the controls—engineering control, administrative control, and personal protective equipment (PPE). You are encouraged to revisit the unit lesson for explanations of the tools, and below are copies of the tools and checklists. You may use one of the provided checklists or research your own. You must include the completed tool within an appendix. Video link: Lifting/Lowering Tasks Click here to access the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) Lifting Equation. Click here to access the NIOSH Lifting Equation. Upper Body Posture Click here to access the Rapid Upper Limb Assessment tool. Entire Body Posture Click here to access the Rapid Entire Body Assessment tool. Click here to access the Body Map Questionnaire. Click here to access the WISHA Caution Zone Checklist. Click here to access the WISHA Hazard Zone Checklist. Pushing/Pulling: Snook Tables Click here to access the Snook tables. Hand-Arm Vibration Click here to access the Hand-Arm Vibration Calculator. Your completed project must include a minimum of two outside sources, one of which must be from the CSU Online Library. The three-page written report length requirement excludes the title and references pages. You must also include your completed assessment tool in an appendix section of your report. You may also include graphics to illustrate your design recommendations.

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