You have successfully delivered your introduction speech. Please review the Intr

Posted: January 13th, 2023

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You have successfully delivered your introduction speech. Please review the Introduction speech and Take time to reflect on what worked and what you can improve. Detail three parts of the speech that you thought worked and then two areas that need improvement. (300 words)Social
Introduction speech on Injustice in America
Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Mr. King Jr. was irked by the silence of some people who thought social injustice was not their problem. You can bear me witness that some people remain silent because they are not affected by social injustices. However, their silence is a threat to social justice in America. The more injustices are tolerated, the less justice is served in America. There is discrimination, racism, and income inequality in America even today. Minority ethnic groups are mainly the victims. You do not expect the victims to solve a problem they did not create. The white people created the problem. Unfortunately, white people do not see it as their problem because they are not the victims. However, if they do not speak up against injustice, they will suffer because their justice will be denied. White people may not be directly affected by social injustices, but one day, someone close to them will be affected. Their lives will be affected by the effects of social injustice. A time will come when they will wish they had raised their voices when others were suffering from social injustices. I urge that we end social injustices everywhere because if we do not, everyone in America will be denied justice someday, one day in the future.
This informational speech raises awareness about the social injustices experienced in America. I used a quote in the introduction to grab the attention of the audience. I used the quote to phrase the main idea in the speech in a memorable way. I expected the audience to know Martin Luther King Jr. and his stand on social justice. Therefore, taking a quote from him would ring a bell in the audience’s mind that I wanted to talk about social justice. The quote strengthened my argument in the speech because I could tell my story without using my own words. The speech looks real because I have quoted someone who left a mark as a staunch social justice advocate. While the quote captured my audience’s attention, it also made my speech memorable because it is well-known by many people.

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