You only need to write paragraphs 3-5. Not 1 and 2. I already did paragraphs 1 and 2.

Posted: January 9th, 2023

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You only need to write paragraphs 3-5. Not 1 and 2. I already did paragraphs 1 and 2.
This is the final essay worth 40% of my grade so it is very important that I get an A.
The “navigating love and autism pdf” is the article I’m writing the actual essay on.
The “template for the Kickstarter essay (1) pdf” is the template he wants you to follow for writing paragraphs 3-5. You only need to write paragraphs 3-5. Please try to incorporate the template into those paragraphs.
The English 1110 final essay pdf are the instructions for the final essay. Ignore the part where it says “If you are feeling particularly ambitious (and would like to be rewarded for your ambition!) you may revise *any* of your other essays and resubmit for an entirely new assessment. I will review and re-grade at the end of the semester.
You MUST however, have at least a rough draft submitted for essays 1-3. You may not simply have, for example, skipped essay #2 and then circled back and submitted a “revision” that is actually a first draft. I expect that you have written a rough draft, reviewed class-wide feedback and other materials, and THEN revised. In order for you to receive credit for any of these essays, I must have at least two drafts submitted, rough and final, by the end of the semester.” Please ignore all of that part.
The “first and second paragraphs for navigating love and autism pdf” Are the first two paragraphs I did. Hopefully it will give you a sense of the essay overall.
The individual feedback (3) pdf is the individual feedback I got in another essay. Hopefully, it will help you see what the professor is looking for. is the classwide feedback he gave in another essay. Hopefully, it will give you a vibe of what the prof is looking for.
So write a rhetorical analysis essay on the article Navigating Love and Autism using the template and any of these strategies
Relationship of the author to the audience (Does s/he see to come close to the audience or maintain distance?)
Vocabulary Choices
Use of moving images
Use of still images
Also, make sure the only piece of evidence you use is the “Navigating love and autism article.” I put one one there, only use it on this article.
Feel free to ask more questions if you don’t understand anything.
Thanks so much.

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