You will create a comprehensive, electronic (digital) portfolio over the term

Posted: November 25th, 2022

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Use my information, if you need additional information please reach out at any given time and I will provide you with whatever information you need. My name Is Dane A Messer, I plan on attending the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in hopes of obtaining my PsyD in Clinical Psychology. Some of the other details can be fabricated if need be. Attached you will find a sample portfolio that my professor gave us for reference.
Portfolio Guidelines
You will create a comprehensive, electronic (digital) portfolio over the term which will contain the following sections:
I. Core Section:(Everyone must include this section in your portfolio).
The Core section will contain the following documents:
A self-assessment describing your personal and academic strengths and weaknesses. You must provide a discussion of how you will enhance your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses.
A statement describing your immediate and long-term career and life goals, including an explanation of why these goals are appropriate in terms of your knowledge, skills, characteristics, values, and experiences.
An evaluation of how successfully you have acquired the following knowledge, skills and values: (1) a descriiption of your strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas, (2) an explanation of why you are strong and weak in these areas, and (3) suggestions for the department to enable it to help future psychology majors develop these strengths and enhance these weaknesses

Each of these bullets should be 1/2 to 1 pages in length.
Psychology Mastery Areas:
You must respond to each item under goals 1, 2 and 3. Each Goal should be 1/2 to 1 page in length.
A. Goal 1: Knowledge
(1) understanding and knowledge of psychological facts, concepts, principles, and theories, as they pertain to diverse populations
(2) knowledge in scientific reasoning and psychological research
(3) knowledge and understanding of psychological disorders, and diagnostic and therapeutic techniques
B. Goal 2: Skills
(4) skills in critical thinking and problem solving
(5) skills in scientific reasoning and psychological research
(6) skills in quantitative reasoning
(7) skills in oral and written communication
(8) competency in the use of computers and other technologies for the purposes of researching and communicating findings on various topics in psychology
(9) discipline specific writing skills
(10) ability to apply acquired psychological skills and knowledge to real life situations
C. Goal 3: Values/Attitudes
(11) awareness of unique needs and concerns of diverse populations
(12) awareness of professional ethics as outlined by the American Psychological Association

II. Employment section or a Graduate School section (select one) depending upon your post-baccalaureate plans.:
Only select one of these (Employment or Graduate school). Do not select both.
You must include a professional Resume
The Employment section will contain the following documents:
The results of a computerized search strategy showing what you can do with a BA in Psychology.
A professional-appearing cover letter that can be modified for specific job applications.
Identify two (2) jobs that you are interested in applying for and provide a statement explaining how you will be able to use your psychological know to succeed in on the jobs you have chosen.
The Graduate School section will contain the following documents:
Include a professional resume
Results of a search for appropriate graduate programs.
A well-written personal statement that can be modified for specific graduate programs.
A statement discussing your preparation for the entrance exam your graduate/professional program requires (e.g., GRE or MCAT).
Identify two (2) graduated programs that you are interested in applying to. You must also include a statement explaining why you have selected these two graduate programs.
The portfolio will be worth 100 points. These points will be assigned on the basis of the following criteria:
• 60 points for quality of content (i.e., accuracy and coverage)
• 30 points for precision (i.e., accurate APA style and impeccable grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization)
• 10 points for presentation (i.e., appearance of written documents)
Your must submit an electronic portfolio.
Please attempt to submit one document. If this is not possible, submit your portfolio in two parts.

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