You will identify 10 empirical/theoretical studies that are related to your Dissertation in Practice

Posted: July 19th, 2022

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Research proposal (30 points). In this assignment you will identify 10 empirical/theoretical studies
that are related to your Dissertation in Practice (DiP). Because the DiP is an action research project,
planned for your organization, there will be need for leadership within the DiP project. I encourage
you to focus on research that is empirical (data driven) and recent. Among the 10 studies that you
identify not more than 2 should be theoretical (not data driven) and at least 5 must have some
connection to leadership within your DiP project. This approach allows you to both get strong
feedback on your DiP literature review draft, as well as apply what you are learning about leadership
for your DiP project. I invite you to submit first steps (3) for initial feedback to ensure you are
structuring the reviews properly. You will submit three individual article reviews across the
remainder of the semester. These individual reviews will include the following elements: (i)
Summary, (ii) Analysis and synthesis, (iii) Discussion of implications, (iv) Discussion of gaps and
inconsistencies in the literature (v) identification of a research question that emerges from the
article and (vi) properly formatted references. These individual reviews might run from a paragraph
to a page but would not normally exceed a page of text. The full research proposal should go
beyond merely summarizing several studies or putting these individual reviews together. The final
proposal should present an argument for why your study is unique, filling a gap in the current
scholarship, and why your study is worthy of investigation. This proposal is due 24 hours before the
beginning of week 12 class meeting. The research proposal should include:

• Title Page
• Summary of Research Findings. This section includes:
o Brief introduction of your topic – one paragraph.
o Summary of each research paper including: (i) research focus and variables/constructs
of interest, (ii) research questions or hypotheses, (iii) brief descriiption of research
participants and measures, (v) results and (vi) brief summary. Each summary should be
at least a half page and not more than one page. If your summaries exceed one page
you are providing more detail than necessary. You can provide additional details if you
wish, but this choice exceeds expectations. The Summary should be approximately 6-12
o Your full reference citations will be included in the Reference List. Therefore, use APA
style to refer to each study within each paragraph (e.g., “Koivunen and Wennes (2011)
studied aesthetic leadership among orchestra conductors.”) Do not include the full
citation within each paragraph.
• Analysis and Synthesis of Findings. After your summary, present your analysis and synthesis of
the major findings from the 10 studies you selected. Report the patterns and themes from this
body of studies; do not present analyses and syntheses of individual articles. Taking the 10 sets
of findings together: What did you see? What did you think? What did you learn? What are the
gaps and inconsistencies in the literature? Share your observations with the reader. This section
should be 2-4 pages.
• Discussion of Implications of Findings for Organizational Leaders. Given the preceding analysis
and synthesis, discuss how leaders should APPLY your findings. Provide specific guidance – Dos
and Don’ts. The section should be 1-2 pages.
• Identification of a Research Question that Should Be Pursued. In the Analysis and Synthesis
section you reported on gaps and inconsistencies. You reported on what we know from this
body of findings – and what we don’t know. Given what we do not know, formulate a research
question that should be pursued to fill the knowledge gap in the literature or to extend
established findings to broader populations and contexts. This section should be one paragraph.
The proposal will consist of 10 different references related to explicit instruction research which will be incorporated into the paper. I will attach a file with all of the references and links so that it will make it easier to do the paper. Three of my references I have all ready done a critique for them already and so I will include Article Review #1, #2 and #3 in the attachments for you to use in the proposal.

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