Your assignment this week is to create a company profile that may be of interest

Posted: January 6th, 2023

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Your assignment this week is to create a company profile that may be of interest to you as a future small-business (entrepreneurial) venture. Your ultimate task is to design, define, and then discuss the basics of what a quality program should control in the way of products and services. What do you perceive are the “touch-points” your customers would want you to control with a quality program. You will utilize this company and modify this program as you go through the course, so, don’t be afraid to make mistakes in judgment at this point, as this is a “point of deviation” from which you will evolve your thinking going forward. You are free to improvise your profile, however, here are some guidelines regarding basic information that is needed:
Section 1. Name your company, its location, the products and/or services supplied, your primary customer base, and the facilities and personnel needed to get the company started.
Section 2. Describe the products and or services in detail and what you believe to be the quality “touch-points” that you as owner and your customers would look for.
Section 3. Consider what elements of “quality” you would need to control with a quality program you will be designing in future weeks.
References – Find three or more witnesses on the internet that can add background and credibility to the quality touch points you consider important. Cite these in the body of your narrative according to APA form and style and add an appropriate APA reference at the end of the paper.
Assignment Instructions:
Use the APA 7 template provided below in the attachments area. Also, download and keep a copy of the 7th APA guidelines and the 7th APA instructional PowerPoint presentation. Your paper should have a minimum of 1000 words and use good English grammar and punctuation. Include a minimum of two APA formatted references and use these in you narrative to support major points. Your assignment is due by Sunday midnight of this week. Use the following Naming convention on this paper and all future assignments JSmith_Assignment1_BUSN412

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