Your task will be to create your own blog post using Blackboard’s preset blog format.

Posted: June 8th, 2022

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Weblogs (or simply “blogs” for short), are webpages that provide information on a topic for a variety of purposes, whether it be purely informational/educational, political, commercial, or personal. Blogs general consist of a series of entries by the author(s) on one or a series of topics, and they have become an important tool in the spread of information (both good and bad) through the internet. Each entry on a weblog is called a “post.”
Here are some examples of blogs:
Your task will be to create your own blog post using Blackboard’s preset blog format. You can find this on the left hand side of your BB main class page. Select your individual social iatrogenesis blog to start creating it. Your blog post will be private.
Goals of this assignment:
Learn about Ivan Illich’s concept of social iatrogenesis
Learn how to create an online informational/educational blog post for public consumption
Requirements and Assessment (Total of 50 points):
Introduction and definition of social iatrogenesis (10 points). Use the reading from Illich in course resources, the library, or any online resources to complete this section.
Short personal and intellectual biography of Ivan Illich (8 points). The library or online resources should be used to complete this section.
Contemporary example of social iatrogenesis reported in your own words (16 points). This is the most difficult part of the blog. Try to provide a contemporary case of social iatrogenesis and provide a reason why this is a pressing problem.
Hyperlinks and citations (6 points). Minimum of five hyperlinks and three citations.
Add pictures/multimedia (4 points). Minimum of two pictures/links/charts/tables. No videos please!
Bibliography/works cited section. (3 points)
Presentation/professionalism. (3 points)
The format I would suggest utilizing for this assignment is a Wikipedia page. (The difference between a wiki and a blog is that wiki’s are open to editing from the public, while blogs are personal). Of course, I am not asking you to create an entire wiki page, but it might provide some ideas in terms of how you organize your information. Also, please use whatever software you feel most comfortable with to create your blog post. Many students use a word document or a pdf. Blackboard’s own interface is somewhat clunky.
If you have ANY questions, please open a thread on the general discussion page and ask me. All students can read these threads, so please read each thread and see what questions are being asked so that there aren’t any repeats. Good luck!
above are the instructions for the blog.
attached below is a blog example of how it should be written.

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